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Apr. 25th, 2010

Вот такой вот шедевр я получила на днях--мы дали объявление в местную японскую газету--набираем продавцов. Даже всерьез подумываем это чудо на собеседование пригласить. А один мой знакомый даже предлагает своих личный денег что бы мы его на пару месяцев наняли на работу. Enjoy.

Dear Anna:
Thank you for taking my call today. As suggeted, I am sending you my resume to furnish the additional information on my background.

Visa Status
I am a US citizen.

-I have years of work experience in retail trade. Although I have no work experience in boutique, my years
of experience in retail trade will help me learn about tasks and duties to be performed.
-I meet your requirments described in the NY Japion.

1. I am a serious person. While working with all my former employers at the different time, I had never been
late for work nor had I wasted time regardless of being of my bosses or co-workers around me or not. As
a junior high schooler in Japan, I was called a "sister boy." They meant it as "girl-like boy." In Japan the
students clean the school facilities after class. The boys disappeared immediately when the cleaning up
time came. I was the only boy keeping myself busy in sweeping, mopping the classroom. I didn't like being
called a "sister boy." But as I knew that I am right, I just let it be and I ignored their mockery..

2. I kept the stores, where I worked at the different time, clean. I washed shelves, refrigerators, restrooms,
streets. I know that the dirty environment and/or the conditions of the store make products look unclean,
stale, unsafe, old and/or poor quality. The excellent environment and conditions are a factor of "life" to
successful business. As an old saying goes like this: Like father, like son, I learnt from Dad a valuable
lesson about clean-up. Dad helped Mom with chores including clean up, which was considered a chore to
be done by women, not by men at that time when I was a kid.

3. The proper name for "Work" to me is a "Game" By "MY" definition, the word "Work" is not in my mental
dictionary, and rather it is a game to have fun. People like to watch baseball games, basketball games
and so forth. People know that they can have a real fun when they themselves play a game. To win, they
work in team, making the best use of ability unique to each individual. They put their heads together for
strategy and tactics that can lead the team to victory. I don't know why people don't understand that "work"
is a game where they compete with their competitors. In this game, business getting the more customers
is the winner. Unlike defeated sports teams that can have opportunity to win in the next season or some
other time, the game in/of the business world can permanently wipe out many of business. As such,
business of any kind demands serious-minded staff to suvive in the life-or death battle.

4. As for my English, I must admit that I am still learning it. But I think that I can communicate with customers. I
teach it myself daily. Books are my primary teachers in English.

You Will Be Glad That You Have Employed Me.
-I am a people person. I consider myself cut for serving people. I made many customer friends during my
work at the former employers for the reason why I did my best to meet needs of the customers as possible as
humanly possible.
-I am honest. While working with my former stores, I didn't hide any shortcomings of products. I told truth only.
So customers said to me, "You are very honest, so I trust you and I will take it you recommend." .
-I am selfmotivated and slef-disciplined. I have worked with a clear goal I planned to achieve for the day.
For example, if I noticed of neccessity of cleaning shelves, I planned and carried it out. .
-I treat the customers as precious ones. While working for H Mart, a Korean supermarket chain, whenever
I helped to bag purchase, some customers gave tips to me, not to any other baggers.
-I work in cooperation and harmony with my co-workers. The team work is a "must" for successful
-I support my boss(es) being in effort to achieve or exceed traget sales and profit.
-I am available when you need me. I used to work throughout two - three weeks when staff took vacation or I
worked overtime when staff couldn't come to work due to sickness.

What I Am Seeing Myself A Year, Two, Three Years later, and Beyond from Now
1. Be well-versed in things related to fashion, fabric, textile, clothing in a year.
2. Make as many a customer friend as possible each year.
3. Establish good relationships with many customers who want to have my personal care and help..
4. Be entrusted with a responsible task or position in a year or two.
5. Be promoted to a higher position in three - five years.
6. When a branch has been established, I will be appointed to be manager

My Interest or Areas Where I Think I Can Use MY Ability
-Think about new ideas.
-Market research and data analysis.
-New products planning and marketing strategy and statics planning.
-Creating customers

My Philosophy of Success in Business
-Employers must care for their employees. Like employee caring employers, like customer caring
employees. Sadly, it is fact that how the employees treat customers is in propotion to how the employer
treats his/her employees.As for morale, the same can be said. Well-treated, high morale. I don't like mentality
like "My employer doesn't pay well, so I don't care for our customers or I don't work hard." That is kind of
selfabuse called "Refusing of self-enligthenment."
-Profit sharing is an excellent incentive to hard work. No explantion necessary about it. Simply put it:
everbody works hard when he/she can get bonus in case business got plenty of profit. The profit sharing
may motivate employees to offer the best possible service to customers, to think about what to do and/or
how to do to increase sales and profit. Of course, if no profit beyond normal target profit, no profit sharing.
-Each and every business exists in relation with people:therefore, it is people that bring you profit and lead
your business to success.

I hope that you and I share the same value of business. If you are interested in me, please contact me for an interview by return.

Thank you for reading my cover letter and resume.

Sincerely yours,



Apr. 26th, 2010 06:35 pm (UTC)
Пригласите его хотя бы на интервью, а то расфренжу!
чуть не прослезилась, такое чудесное чтиво